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Wednesday, July 30, 2003


Home - Safe and Sound

We had such a nice time visiting our friends and kicking around Kamloops. It was pretty hot - climbing up into the 40's. We went and visited a petting zoo one day and trecked our way over to my friend's dad's pool and spent the rest of the day over there... and the next day too! Sasha was so cute swimming around in her little inflatable boat that let her feet go into the water and her cute little jean hat to protect her from the sun. We were so busy we didn't remember to take many photos. And we were so busy I didn't knit a stitch or read a paragraph.

We ate really well... they are such good cooks. We drank a few too many and I am not used to drinking at all. For a house warming kit I made up a basket with all the ingredients for red-wine sangria from MSL August 2003. One night there was a party for a friend who was gone for 6 months. We drank lots of good wine and a few Sleeman Honey Brown Lager. The men played bocci ball and the women gabbed. We thought we saw the Northern Lights but the boys and girls couldn't come to agreement that we actually saw them... if we didn't see them we are not sure exactly what they were then.

Last night I finish up knitting the Elsie beret design 14 from the Rowan Cork Collection - Kim Hargreaves. I cast on and did a few rows of the ribbing before the trip and brought it along in case I had a chance to knit...*NOT*. It is pretty easy and pretty cute and it only takes one ball. I want to make another one before winter.

I don't know about my Mina-shrug. You know how I said that the wool is pretty much the exact guage . Well the stiches per inch match but the rows didn't and I didn't take the time to alter the pattern. *I thought it would just work out* The sleeves in the picture are I would say are 3/4 length. I thought the difference in guage would make a full sleeve. The sleeve looks like it covers half of my hand right now and I still have another 10 rows to go. It looks like I will have to do some math... and some froggin'. Will I ever learn. Oh dear.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Holiday.... Celebrate...

"We have got to get together... Holiday". Every time I think about going on holiday I always get that Holiday song by Madonna stuck in my head. It makes me quite happy and I sing it out loud.

We are off Thursday morning to go on a little holiday to visit friends in Kamloops, which is about 355Km/ 220miles from Vancouver - 4 hours away. It is going to be hot! But it's a dry hot, which is much better than coastal hot where it gets humid and muggy. I am so excited to get out of the regular routine and just relax. I am sure we will hit a lake and do some bbq-ing. I think I want to try making some Sangria while we are up there. Our friends have a baby girl, Carsen who is 2 months younger than Sasha. It will be fun to see them hang out. Apparently they already have the same swimsuit. I am going to buy them matching sleepers too! Sasha will also have her first up-close interaction with a dog - they have a chocolate brown lab, Casey. I am sure she will love him because she sure does love Milo-the-Cat. Sasha is Milo's greatest fan. Milo was her first and still is her favourite word. She gets so excited about him and yells out "Milo, Milo, Milo" when she sees him. It is so funny to watch her chase him - he loves it, he loves to play and he is such a good sport.

Knitting Content

  • I have a few ends to weave in on my uCan2 and then I am done... Yay. I finished the neck / shoulder seams with a combination of mattress stitch and then switching to Invisible Horizontal seam on stockinette stitch. The seam is pretty flat but if I could have worked it into the pattern I would have preferred my favourite the 3-needle-bind-off.

  • I am still on the sleeve of the Mina-shrug. It's a raglan... so the back went super fast... it's the arms that are taking all the work.

  • My husband's Army Socks are coming along slowly but surely. I seem to only work on them while waiting in the car.

    Off Topic

    Def: Peeps. The first definition is one that would fall into Sandy's lap... the latter are for my special peep - dh - to make him laugh. Everytime I say peeps in a sentence he always laughs. ie. "This one is going out to my peeps". He says he always thinks of baby chicks peeping away.

  • Friday, July 18, 2003


    Yay - The Mail is Here

    *happy dance* --ouch, ooh my hip-leg-back-thing-a-ma-dingy still hurts. I pulled some-thing-or-other yesterday and it has really put me out of commission. I woke up in pain in the middle of the night and had to take some advil in order to go back to sleep. I am a *little* better so I am hoping this sprain works itself out before we go on vacation. It kind of hurts to sit in this computer chair so I will be brief.

  • My Rowan Summer Tweed from The Knitting Garden for Niki arrived today. Elizabeth from the Knitting Garden was right... it must of been held up in customs. She was very nice and said if it didn't show up in a few days she would replace my order. I didn't want her to have to go that far - I am glad it showed up - I just wished I could of tracked the package though.

  • I have finished the back on my Mina-shrug and have started on a sleeve.

  • I am going to try and get some stitching in (mainly uCan2) this weekend. *hoping* It feels like we have a lot to do before we leave on Wednesday - so we will see how it goes.

    That's it for now have a super weekend.

  • Monday, July 14, 2003


    Calling Out to Me *Knit Me* *Knit Me*



    I was given a big ball of purple wool that is pretty much the exact guage for the Pashmina Shrug in Interweave Knits Spring 2003. I fell in love with it when I first browsed through the mag, and just recently I was given the biggest ball of purple wool *ever*. So I think that will be my next project. It will be made from wool unfortunately not pashmina. So from now on I herby call it the Mina-Shrug.

    With a heavy heart I tell you that still there is no sign of my Rowan Summer Tweed from The Knitting Garden for Niki. It was sent airmail on June 25th. This Wednesday will make 3 weeks and it was supposed to ship in 4-7 days. At first I thought it was just delayed because of the holiday. So I waited all last week in anticipation - and nothing - then today - nothing. I emailed The Knitting Garden today - hopefully they have a tracking number or some sort of assurance. Pooh!

    Sunday, July 13, 2003


    Love a Lazy Sunday

    steal me Finito! Most of my weekend knitting was devoted to the uCan2. I just finished knitting it up while Sasha is napping. I just have to stitch it up and voila! I am going to take a break from it though. Maybe I can get some reading in today!

    Friday, July 11, 2003


    Sandy made my day!

    Look at what just cheered me up!

    A big thank you to Sandy for sending me East of Eden ~ John Steinbeck - I have been dying to read it! Not only that but... a bookmark, a ball of yarn, a lovely card, and touchingly a book for Sasha with a birthday wishMake Way For Ducklings ~ Robert McCloskey. How sweet ~ thank you Sandy!

    Milo checked everything out and gave it the A-OK - "Smells so good I gotta lay down next to it and make your picture look really good". Milo says hi to Cleo he says "Man! She is gooood looookin'"



    I am feeling a bit down. Sasha is starting to have tantrums. I know they are expected and I have been through them before while babysitting. It is different when it's your own. She bit me today and I am pretty sure it was on purpose. Then when I disciplined her by saying "NO!" she turns around and hits me twice in the face. It was pretty early to put her down - but I did - she was ready. By the time I finished feeding her, giving her cuddles and getting her in the crib she was better.... but I am not.

    I am going to go knit it off ~ still working on the armholes.

    Thursday, July 10, 2003



    Would someone please go *here* and try and leave a comment.
    It is so not working for me.
    ~Thank You.

    It is definitely a bug - thanx for trying though - at least I found out it's not just me.
    ~Thanks again :)


    Armhole Shaping... Yay!


    Finally I have gone on to the next step: ARMHOLE SHAPING You know how excited I have been about it!!!

    It was getting a bit tiresome, all that stocking stitch. I did a total of 90 rows and then I let myself move on! The end is in site and I am ready to be done with the uCan2 and move onto something new - but there are so many possibilities.

    I saw these cute little shorts for Sasha in an old Sandra magazine I have. I may have enough lime green left to make her a pair. Really my Niki wool should be here any day. I have so many pairs of socks to knit up. There is another nice shell that has a cable down the middle that I saw in another of my magazines... I forget which, either vogue or FCEK. I am bound to use my stash though.

    Speaking of my stash. I have a 400g mohair cone that I have no idea what to do with. I wish they would put the yardage on all fibers. Any suggestions?

    * * *

    My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Fallopian Get Down.
    What's yours?
    Powered by Rum and Monkey.

    Word up Sandy ... AKA: Ass Machine Shizzlemah

    Word out - my peeps call me tube for short ;p

    Tuesday, July 08, 2003


    Beta Testing

    I am doing a little bit of beta testing for TypePad.
    "TypePad is an upcoming hosted service providing powerful tools for creating full-featured weblogs. Built in response to the needs of webloggers, online diarists and writers, TypePad harnesses the power of Six Apart's popular Movable Type personal publishing system into a turnkey service, suitable for beginners and experts alike." --TypePad

    I have set up another little Princess Knits blog over there. It has been super easy to set up and the tools are great - popup generators - photo albums - great archiving. And you know what - this new blogger isn't really doing it for me. Go check it out and see pics of the cake I made for Sasha and of her opening a gift in her new swimsuit and dancing around in her new party dress from Oma and Opa. It would be super if you left a comment or two so I can see if they work! Thanx guys :)

    steal meUPDATE. I am making the shell longer than what the pattern calls for - trying to work some ease in for my boosoms and I just hope I don't run out of yarn at the colar or something. I can't wait to move on to some armhole shaping baby!

    Thursday, July 03, 2003


    A Day at the Beach II



    Smiles all around.

    First time putting those little feets into the great big ocean.

    uCan2 Progress. I am knitting the front and back at the same time. I am about 10 rows away from the armhole shaping - how exciting! Don't you get excited by things like that. I only expect you guys to get it - not those other non-knitter friends of mine.

    We will call these the ARMY SOCKS for my husband.

    Have a super weekend everybody! My husband is taking Friday off - it will be nice to have a long weekend together. We will be celebrating Sasha's first birthday on Sunday. Almost a year a go I gave birth to her by c-section due to complications 11 days overdue. Now she is in our livingroom dancing to her favorite - Jump around - House of Pain.

    Tuesday, July 01, 2003


    Happy Canada Day!

    We have had a busy time of going to different beaches and being all family-like. We are so pale - both me and Dh got slight burns on our arms. It is so nice and relaxing being out in nature. I would love to get away. We are going away for a weekend and a few days at the end of the month to go visit some friends in Kamloops. I can't wait - it will be so nice to get out of the city! I want to go to a lake and swim - it makes me feel like a kid.

    This weekend I knit a few inches on the uCan2 shell and I started on a sock for my husband to break up the monontony of the shell. I have to remind myself that I get bored of straight stockinette stitch. I really like the sock. I am making a modification of Spey Valley from Knitting on the Road, Nancy Bush. My guage is different - I am using smaller needles and I think the wool is thinner. So I had to redo the pattern with a different guage. Instead of casting on 63sts I am working with 84. I have omited the Vikkel Braid and the pattern repeat between it. I am just doing the nice rib of p2 and k5. I still have to configure the heel but I have a ways to go - it's a slow sock with these size 0 / 2 mm needles but I love how the stitches look.

    I have another 50 rows or so - but who's counting - on the uCan2 shell before I start the armhole shaping. It is great to knit because it doesn't require any thinking or looking. You can watch a movie and focus on the movie, not on the knitting. Brenda has finished her shell - go check it out - she is wearing it with her new capris!

    My Rowan Summer Tweed for Niki should be arriving any day now... my eye is fine though.

    Sasha started walking on Sunday - one week before her first birthday. She is so pleased and proud of her accomplishment - she is so darned happy! God - a year a go today I was pregnant and she was a week overdue and I was counting every minute. Now she is here and she is walking. It is hard to believe sometimes! This morning she was laying there awake and she said "Mom, I lubbu" and gave me a big kiss. She is so full of love. I feel so lucky!