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Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Where Does The Time Go?

Ever since we got back from the trip I feel like I have been going a mile a minute. I think this weather has something to do with it too. I has been SO NICE out. We have been going for lovely walks on the dykes and we went over to Deas Island on the weekend. Sasha loves being out. She always is so happy. She always draws a crowd and loves all the attention she gets. I have also been to visit my friend who had the baby that I knit the stay up socks for and her son who's almost 3.

It is nice to be busy and in the sunshine.

I am coming along on the tank top for Sasha. I have some black and white cotton left over wool from Wee Willy Winkie that I decided to make a few stripes with. I love how it turned out! I will post some pics soon.

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  • Wednesday, April 23, 2003


    What I am up to

    I just have to pull the red yarn out and kitchener stitch 'er up

    This is the invisible / provisonal / open cast-on that took me more than a few tries to master.
    Vogue Knitting, p.28, Open Cast-on

    Stitch the top and bottom and tadah a new pair o' socks

    Not only did I learn learned the invisible / provisional / open cast-on and the short row heel for this sock but also the invisible bind-off / Knit one, purl one bind-off.
    Vogue Knits, Page 51

    It is supposed to be quite a stretchy cast-off... but for my first sock I think I did it a wee bit on the tight side. For this sock I will try to stitch a little looser.

    Love the Lime... Baby

    The Baby Knits Book
    Debbie Bliss
    Tank Top
    Page 18

    Monday, April 21, 2003


    Home - Safe and Sound ... just give me a week off to recover

    We stayed in Kamloops on Thursday night at the Accent Inn - it was cheep and comfortable and we might stay there again when we go and visit my girlfriend Jamie - who went out of town the same day we arrived!!! We love staying in Kamloops - it always puts us in a relaxed mood. The drive up was good - we rented a Dodge Caravan... talk about luxury... definitely a wish on my wish list.

    Salmon Arm on the other hand was a real handful and has left me with the feeling of exhaustion. Sasha was sick and I don't know if it was a new cold or the old one sticking around and morphing into something I didn't have. It was hard to deal with my in-laws and meeting them at certain times and wanting to give them time with Sasha but trying to do my best for her so she could get lots of rest. I think that pretty much sums it up.

    The best part of Salmon Arm was our super deep bath tub that I would soak my troubles away. We bought some milk bath foamy stuff - I thought I would just float away! The car made the whole trip worth it of coarse ... it is very liberating to be able to whisk out so easily and it is great for my husband not to have to count on other people for rides or carpooling.

    Before we left to go on the trip I did an invisible provisional cast on for my second sock and I did the increases so I would have easy knitting on the trip. I folded my pattern up and put it and the first sock, the sock I am working on, the dpn's, a measure, and even a crochet hook - just in case I dropped a stitch - all in a zip lock bag for easy portible knitting on the road. It looked all neat and tidy... and I didn't even knit one stitch!

    I have put the Pink-Haiku-II on the back burner because some frogging is in order for that dropped stitch. I may in fact start over again and knit it with double strands of the cotton just because it seems a little flimsy with the one strand. I have finished of the second sock - I just need to Kitchener stitch the toe and Invisible seam the cuff. I have started on a Debbie Bliss shell for Sasha in a lime-green cotton that I bought while I was still pregnant. I simply love the colour and I love the way cotton knits up. I will post some pictures soon!

    I got all of my lovely e-bay packages in the mail and they are sooooo great. Now I just have to sit and learn how to spin... like the girl doesn't have enough on her plate.

    Wednesday, April 09, 2003


    Do do do do - So Long Folks... See you when I see you - do do do do

    Monday, April 07, 2003

    Do do do do - 5 more days - do do do doDo do do do - 4 more days - do do do doDo do do do - 3 more days - do do do domore days to go and I feel like a truck hit me. Help-me-Rhonda! I had no energy and concentration for knitting. That's the worst kind of sick - when you're such a weak thing you can't even pick up the knitting needles. I need some e-bay packages to come and cheer me up.

    I have a 9 month check up for Sasha today and I pray that I don't get too dizzy and pass out in the drizzle on the way there.... laying there on the wet concrete feeling the drops of rain hitting my face, hearing the swoosh of the wet wheels of cars go by - hearing a honk or two. Thank goodness my husband is getting off early today to accompany us... to pry me off the wet side walk and kick my ass in gear. This is the last doctor's appointment without a car. Thank God! Of coarse I have to be sick as dog to commemorate the day - what do you do? Poor Sasha is sick too - poor thing. After the doctor appointment we are going to go pick up the car insurance for the rental car - we are getting a mini-van - all of a sudden I have turned into a mini-van lady - how did that happen? Then tomorrow I don't have to go out at all. I will Rest some more and try to gather all my energy for the trip.

    On a happier note. I finished off one sock!

    Friday, April 04, 2003

    Do do do do - 6 more days - do do do do more days till we hit the road and eeeeek I am starting to get sick. I am getting a chest cold. Bleck. Lots of rest for me this weekend. I finished the heel of my sock last night *yay* and now am working on the leg. Gosh, it's nice to have something that you can just pick up and knit... I felt a little lost without it. Now I have to tackle the dropped stitch on the Oh-So-Pink Haiku. There I was feeling so chipper having finished the first armhole when to my shock and horror I spotted a dropped stitch 5" down. I can't figure out how I missed it.

    When I saw this over at Amy’s way back in February I knew I had to get my hands on it. Woe is me it was no where to be found. Just the other day my husband brought me the lasagna and the spaghetti from a little trip to a Safeway we only frequent only on occasion. I tried the lasagna yesterday and I have to say it was quite nummy and surprisingly filling. The pasta was perfectly al dente and you can taste the cheese in the sauce. You could fool anyone to try soy meat substitute in this dish – the taste or texture of the dish is not compromised in the least. Very tasty and very healthy.

    Thursday, April 03, 2003

    Do do do do - 7 more days - do do do do more days until Road Trip Fun. There's nothing like a roadtrip and feeling free.

    Last night I took some spare wool and tried to learn myself this hourglass heel that is holding me back with this sock of mine. It's my third attempt but this time with spare wool. I can't figure it out - I am doing the YO's correctly and it isn't too difficult to slip 3 and knit 3 together. Yet everytime I do this hourglass heel it looks like crap - holes here and there big enough to pry a finger through if you tried. The stitches where the heel turns are terribly uneven and it is just plain frustrating. There is something that is not clicking and I would greatly benefit if I had my Grandmother here or some good person to show me how to do this correctly. There is not much out there on the internet or any of my books with help with an hourglass heel and I am not giving up on this damn sock. There should be some sort on internet knitting grandmother or goddess to go to with your knitting woes. For some reason I desperately want to prove to myself that I can do a toe up sock.

    So instead of struggling and struggling with this hourglass heel - damn it - I will just learn how to do some of those short row heels that everyone seems to be going on about. I don't need a gusset - I just need a heel. I pulled out my Vogue Knitting book and fancy that - there it was Short Row Shaping, p.186. I practiced on my spare wool from the hourglass heel attempt and low and behold it worked out perfectly and I didn't lose or gain a stitch. This is the day that I proudly learned the short row heel. Now I can finish my sock.

    I will always remember these damn socks and how I proudly learned the provisional cast on and the short row heel.

    Wednesday, April 02, 2003

    Do do do do - 8 more days - do do do do more days until the Liberation Road Trip.

    To distract myself from figuring out the hourglass heel on my sock - and the dropped stitch 5 inches down in the Oh-So-Pink Haiku I have gone a bit mad on e-bay.

    A Spindle Kit to start my spinning journeys

    SILVERGOOSE Red Aventurine Drop Spindle
    Another spindle just because it's purdy

    MERINO Multi Color Top
    Some roving to get me started

    COLONIAL Multi Wool Top
    Some roving to keep me going

    15 COLORS OF SOFT WOOL TOP 14.9 oz
    Some more roving just because it's purdy

    Tuesday, April 01, 2003

    Do do do do - 9 more days - do do do do more days until our road trip. We are going up to Salmon Arm to go pick up a car that my father-in-law generously bought for us. Yay - we are getting a car *hoppity-happy-dance*. Man, it is going to be so much easier getting groceries... not to mention getting to the local knitting stores!!! *woo-hoo* (Wool and Wicker, Birkeland Brothers Wool Batts Ltd., The Knitwear Architects, The Silk Tree, A Touch of Wool )

    Larch Hills WineryI am quite excited to be going to a winery - Larch Hills. My husband and I discovered just up the dirt road from where the inlaws live the last time we were up there. We enjoyed the wine so much that we served it at our wedding. It has a very enjoyable and distinct taste - it is the most northern winery in North America. They just opened up for the year so I hope we make it in for a tasting.

    On our way home I want to stop in Chilliwack at Country Craft Creations - wool AND chocolate - the best of both worlds.

    There is much to do!