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Friday, January 31, 2003


Mail Delivery

I was checking my email and went to check my status on my Amazon Delivery. I went to the Canada Post to track my package.

Last Delivery Status
The item was sent out for delivery to the customer.
Last CPC Location: RICHMOND, BC
Date / Time: 31 January 2003 08:23

Hmmmm, I tiptoed to the front door (Sasha is sleeping) because maybe... just maybe they delivered it without buzzing. Low and behold... THEY DID.... [good postman :)] *happy dance* Ha-cha-cha I looooove getting stuff in the mail! *smiles all around*

My big Friday night at home: looking through knitting books and sewing a garment together.

What ever happened to those days of getting all glammed up and going to the bar?

... I don't miss them one bit! I'd rather be at home with my little family knitting when I get the chance.

Books Galore

* Knitting in America, Melanie Falick * Head to Toe Knits, Zoe Mellor * Folk Socks, Nancy Bush *

*The Perfect Yoga Workout, Crunch * ... for good measure... gotta get me in shape!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2003


Make Up stage

I finished both sleeves last night and now all I have to do is make it up, stitchy-stitchy, not my favorite part. I will probaby do it over the weekend. It probably won't take long considering it is just a little person's sweater.

Debbie Bliss - Baby Knits

Raglan Sweater - p. 34

I am excited about my order that was shipped today. Gotta love free shipping with books over $39.00 for those of us in Canada. Hmmm, but I spent over that... they got me. I don't mind because I love books, you can never have too many as far as I am concerened.

I finally got my hands on the winter 02/03 issue of Interweave Knits . I have been wanting to knit a scarf for myself and they have the perfect pattern for me Leaf Cravat on p.66. There are so many beautiful sweaters to knit. I wish I had a bigger yarn budget and I wish I could knit faster!

Don't even ask what happened to those pics down there below...sometimes things just go haywire and there's no fixin' them.

My Theme Thursday is up... what a cute picture of Milo-the-Cat and Baby-Sasha... buddies


raglan sweater

raglan sweater

raglan sweater

Sunday, January 26, 2003


Back to Life as Usual

It's been a busy week and I have not had a minute to knit or even post. You know how excited you get when you have guest arriving and then there is that sense of relief when they are gone. I just did my big "exhale". We did it and we had a blast and now it is back to life as usual. We've had two sets of out-of-towners visiting us and now they are off on their way home.

raglan sweaterI started on a sweater for Sasha. It is really easy and doesn't require much brain density - of which I am lacking off at this point. I got The Baby Knits Book by Debbie Bliss out of the library and found a beaut that I can knit up quickly. I am working on the raglan sweater on p.34.

raglan sweaterI am a Debbie Bliss fan. I like how her patterns have a simplistic elegance about them and I like the shaping techniques she uses for her garments. I always find something I like. I am going to copy a few patterns down before I have to return it to the library. Somebody has put a hold on the book so I have to return it soon. I really like the Beaded Fair Isle Cardigan on page 87 and the beaded booties to match. It would be the perfect-first-fair-isle-project but the sizing is only up to 9 months and Sasha would outgrow it in no time. Of coarse there are such sweet pictures of the wee ones in the knitwear. I would definitely buy the book if Sasha were younger. There are a few patterns for up to ages 4.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Have you gone to check out Meredith's site The Blissful Knitter? (great name for a blog). At first I was intrigued and inspired by her very creative felted purse lined with a funky hot pink satin. And now I can't wait until I can make my own altered book. I just need to find the time to do it all.

Friday, January 17, 2003



I stayed up until the wee hours of the morn to finish the London Beanie for my husband and I am feeling a bit knackered for it today. I really like how it turned out. I set it with my husband's clothes and a little "love you" note to send him off on his day. The hat wasn't there when I woke up and his other hat that he usually wears stayed home today so I suppose he liked it. I just wish I could've seen him in it! I made the beanie up with some left-overs in my stash. The whole time I was stressing myself out trying to be casual about it but hoping...hoping... hoping I would have enough to complete the project. Low and behold I did have enough. I have a yard or so of play. The beanie makes a complete set with the scarf and the fingerless gloves I made him for Christmas.

London Beanie Hat

I got off the phone with my husband just a little while a go and he loves the hat! Yay!! *smiles*. One of his co-workers said something right away and wants me to make him one as well. But... how much do I charge for such a cool and trendy hat?

Thursday, January 16, 2003


Always on the Prowl for a Free Pattern

I really like this Peaks and Valleys Scarf !

Wednesday, January 15, 2003


Thank You, Thank You... Cards

I made some thank you cards today. One for my MIL and one for my BM... biological mother. I had some of the prep done from a crafty sesion awhile ago so the process went pretty quickly. I had alreadly painted up some backgrounds and I had the cards and envelopes on stock. I glued them together on the floor in front of Sasha while she was in the jolly-jumper... so we could be crafty together! Usually I make cards with pressed flowers but I used up my stock the last time I made cards. With it being winter out there I don't have any flowers to press. Instead I made them with some silk flower petals that I usually use for making fairies... at least I think they are silk. For the middle of the flower where you would have seen glue marks I used little beads.

The picture turned out OK but the colours are really much more vibrant especially the green

Taken with the digital camera.

I then decided to try the scanner on my husband's advice... he's home early today due to a power outage at work!

Close-ups of the fleurs

I kind of got side-tracked from the Lola Cap. I made a hat for my husband from a pattern that didn't have a picture. I didn't end up liking it much even while knitting it but I had to see how it turned out. Well, I still didn't like it... and nether did my husband. As for the Lola Cap I can't seem to find the time for it right now. We will see how it goes!

Monday, January 13, 2003


Not Much Knitting Was Done This Weekend... How 'Bout You?

Didn't do much with knitting this weekend. I was too busy with my little family so I didn't mind. We had a big outing on Saturday to the library and here and there. Sunday we just hung out being pretty pooped from our long walk the day before.

My little baby girl Sasha Rae crawled for the first time this weekend! My husband has just got into these little RC racecars... he now has two. Sasha has a swing that overlooks the livingroom. She just loves watching the cars zoom around and watching Milo-the-Cat watching and chasing the cars. Lately Sasha has been rolling wherever she wants to go and she has been getting pretty good at it I might add. On Saturday after the big outing we had her on her tummy on the floor in the livingroom. My husband started whizzing the car around her but just out of reach. With such determination she started using her arms and then started pushing with her legs. She crawled about four or five paces. I couldn't believe it. I was watching her with amazement and tears in my eyes. Wow!

Friday, January 10, 2003


Progress is Slow but Steady

I slowly started up on the Lola cap yesterday. It can be pretty traumatic to start again after frogging the whole thing. 19 bobbles later... a row here... a row there and now I am back on the chart. I wish I had a photocopier handy so I could enlarge the chart. Again this is a first for me... my first chart... awwwww.

We will see how much gets done on the weekend. I think I may start on some socks as a side project. Something to knit where you don't have to decipher a chart, where you can just knit and measure, and where distractions won't throw you completely off coarse.

Sasha had a good go at the doctor's. She hammed it up for the people in the waiting room. The doctor commented on how alert she is and how she seems older because of that. My little baby weighs 8.62K / 19lbs. She braved her shots well. She is strong, healthy and vibrant and I count myself among the fortunate.

Thursday, January 09, 2003


Bought Some Books

I was standing there in Chapters in all of the glory in the knitting section. They had so many books that I wanted and it was pretty tuff to choose. They also didn't have a few books that I am dying for so that made the choice all the more difficult. So I came out of there with two books: The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook Lynne Bogel and A Passion for Knitting Nancy J. Thomas and Ilana Rabinowitz. I haven't had the time to go through them in depth but I already love them both. The Twisted Sisters have already inspired me with the drop spindle. I gotta get me a spindle. To be honest... I don't know where to start looking... what I am looking for (as far a quality)... prices and so forth. It will take some research!

I had made some good headway (a couple of inches) on the Lola cap but somehow along the way I messed up rows. I tried to frog a few rows but I didn't feel good about putting the stitches back on the needles. I couldn't figure out the order with the twist of the cables. It was too confusing for me so I frogged the whole thing. I will start on it again after a little break. I have to knit this one without distractions around or else I will be in the same boat again.

Distractions: Celebrity Mole. I want to see Baldwin and Corbin Bernsen go down. I can't stand either of them they are soooooo irritating. The suspense of the executions, rooting for guys you like, booing for the others, trying to guess who the mole is - well it's got me all wrapped up in the show.

I put my Theme Thursday picture up if you want to have a boo. The topic is free.

Sunday, January 05, 2003


Done with that Voodoo Thang

It's a silly title... I know.

This may seem trifle to some but I am quite pleased with my first FO of the year because these voodoo gloves are the first things that I have made for myself and not given away.

It was a low-key weekend as far as knitting goes. I finished these babies up on Saturday and on Sunday I did the swatch for my next project the Lola Cap. Today I am taking Sasha to the doctor for her 6 months shots. I don't look forward to it. It is so hard watching her little face and not be able to explain to her what is going to happen. On the brighter side... I cannot believe that she is half a year old. She has just gone through a growth spurt and she is so huge compared to when we brought her home.

Thursday, January 02, 2003


Playing with Voodoo

Voodoo fingerless gloves. The pattern knits up pretty quickly even though I haven't devoted much time to them. It's great because you can just pick up and knit and not think about anything but measuring the length.

I have a ton of projects lined up for the New Year and am excited about them all. This year I am venturing into socks... they have always scared me a bit. I plan to dive in fearlessly. Before I start my Ingenua beret I have to get some more dpns to add to my collection. I wanted to start on the hat right away but as it turns out I don't have both sizes of needles called for.

I did a swatch for fuzzyfeet with some wool from my stash and it did not go well at all. My swatch didn't shrink - I even tried putting it in a pot of boiling water. I will have to find another use for the wool.